Adding user
How to add user account

To send alert notifications to specific email address you need to create a user with this email address. Every user is able to configure alerts and arms.

To add new user, go to Users tab within the Starfish Monitor Web Portal and click the Add button.

You'll need to specify user's email address, full name and password. You can check "Send notifications" if you want alert notifications to be sent to this user.

Add user screen


All passwords are securely stored (salted and hashed) within embedded SQL database. Even if this database is stolen original passwords can not be recovered.

First user

During the installation of Starfish Monitor you'll be asked for user and password of the first user. If you forget these credentials, you'll need to add new account using command line.

Smtp configuration

Remember that you need to configure SMTP server access to receive email alerts generated by Starfish Monitor.